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Monday, February 19, 2018

A Culture of Service

The ACSI Edge embraces a culture of service for clients who wish to contract with a recovery agency that is committed to both a professional “culture” and “service”.

The words “culture” and “service” are rarely put together and associated with debt collection agencies these days. ACSI has kept them together over the years because we believe integrating “culture” and “service” produces a different kind of recovery agency, one that places supreme value on:
  • Company Culture - A company’s culture portrays how a company will conduct itself, not only on a day-to-day basis, but also long term. Professional attitude, personal demeanor, posture, tone of voice, and preparation, are the building blocks that make our interaction with our clients and their consumers more successful, generate fewer complaints, and result in more recoveries. Read more about ACSI’s company culture here.
  • Client Customer Service - We take client customer service beyond merely responding to inquiries: we view each client as a business partner, with which we work collaboratively to provide the best all-around level of service, including valuable portfolio recommendations and consultations to achieve the maximum rate of return on the client’s portfolio. Read more about ACSI’s client customer service here.
  • Consumer Customer Service - Consumers have a range of customer service needs, including respectful and helpful assistance, convenience, and an impartial mechanism through which they can obtain help. ACSI Recovery Agents are taught to conduct themselves professionally and are held accountable for their treatment of consumers. In addition, assigning accounts to specific Recovery Agents and offering multiple ways in which to contact ACSI provides consumers with more options that are convenient for them. Lastly, independent consumer assistance is made available via a unique toll-free consumer hotline. Read more about ACSI’s consumer customer service here.
  • Financial Literacy - ACSI has made a corporate commitment to help our clients and their consumers by offering free, online financial education assistance while we work with them to resolve their delinquent debts. It is our hope this additional suite of financial education modules - available online from Inceptia, a national provider of financial education programs and paid for by ACSI - will help them avoid future financial problems and assist our clients as they manage their accounts receivable portfolios. Consumers who communicate with ACSI are provided an initial logon to access the financial education programs free of charge.
  • Toll-Free Consumer Hotline - All collection agencies have, or should have, a toll-free number through which they can be contacted at no cost to the client or consumer. Very few agencies have a separate hotline dedicated to providing positive, non-collection interaction for consumer inquiries, disputes, or grievances. ACSI has a separate toll-free hotline just for these types of consumer calls. Consumers who call seeking assistance are greeted respectfully and in a manner that genuinely helps them resolve their issues. Read more about ACSI’s consumer hotline here.