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Monday, February 19, 2018


ACSI understands the environment in which financial businesses must manage their accounts receivable and has the experience and expertise to assist them in meeting their recovery goals.

ACSI has provided comprehensive, nationwide collection services to financial businesses for more than 10 years. We work primary to quaternary account placements for our private-sector clients and provide a full range of services, including automated and semi-automated skiptracing; strategic letter and call campaigns; custom debt negotiation and resolution; timely and accurate payment processing; supplemental services such as asset investigation, probate, and legal enforcement or referral (as permitted); and flexible reporting. ACSI currently services the following financial business market verticals:

  • Financial Institutions — Financial institutions are some of the most heavily regulated business entities operating within the U.S. Their business environment requires compliance with numerous federal- and state-issued mandates that govern the loan and credit products they offer to consumers and businesses, including the Dodd-Frank Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, to name a few. In addition, financial institutions may elect to keep their aged accounts receivable in their inventories requiring the maintenance of disparate accounts receivable for a lengthy period of time. Read more about ACSI’s financial institution service offering here.
  • Debt Buyers — Debt buyers provide a useful and much-needed service that’s rarely recognized or acknowledged. Debt buyers purchase accounts receivable early or late on the delinquency cycle based upon the strategy of the original creditor because consumers that have refused to pay their debts or do not have the funds currently to pay them are typically held in a monitoring status until the consumer has the ability to pay or settle the account. Essentially, debt buyers act as a debt clearinghouse for aged receivables that financial institutions, retailers, and other debt holders no longer desire to keep in their accounts receivable inventory. Read more about ACSI’s debt buyer service offering here.
  • Retailers — The number and variety of retailers operating across the U.S. is sizable, and the specific consumer demographics they serve are equally substantial and diverse. While retailers have a broad range of accounts receivable types they administer, they almost universally have the same need to manage their revenue cycle in a way that ensures timely payments, acquire delinquent payments in the shortest time frame possible, have call and letter campaign processes in place to bring delinquent consumers whose accounts are approaching the charge-off threshold current, and grow their business and consumer footprint. Read more about ACSI’s retailer service offering here.